Product Condition

All our refurbished smartphones, tablets and laptops are from the highest refurbished quality possible. At we offer refurbished iPhones from different brands. The technical and visual checkup of two of those brands are executed by certified Apple specialists. On this page we will explain the different product conditions.

On this page we will explain the different product conditions.

Product conditions

As new
100% functional as good as new.
Lightly used
100% functional, visual lightly used.

Premium quality refurbished

All smartphones, tablets and laptops at consist of the best high quality parts available with the best grade, in other words we only offer premium quality refurbished. Don’t look any further.

3 year warranty

Refurbished products at are available with a maximum of 3 year warranty. Because we understand that if you are going to use a refurbished smartphone, you would like to receive a full warranty. Even if you buy a new iPhone you will not receive a three years warranty but only a maximum of two years! Therefore enjoy carefree use of a refurbished iPhone for the price of a secondhand device with the same pleasure of a new iPhone.

Refurbished brands at

We are very selective in our offer. Only the very best we find good enough. On the following refurbished brands are offered.