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Always dreamed about chilling on your sofa while surfing the web on your iPad, but your budget is limited? Live the dream and save up to 50% on a refurbished iPad!

Refurbished Apple online

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Refurbished, what to expect?

Buying refurbished is an environmentally responsibly choice. You're buying a better world for less money than buying new a new iPhone per example. You can easily save 50% on a refurbished iPhone which is technically 100% functioning while looking as new! We at have partnerships with the best recycle en refurbishment specialists and that's why we not only offer refurbished iPhones, but refurbished iPads and refurbished Macbooks as well.

Refurbished Apple is more than just used

However a refurbished iPhone, iPad, iMac or Watch is not new, it's not a regular used product. All our refurbished products are fully checked, old data is removed, the device is cleaned, parts are replaced if necessary and the latest software is installed.

Premium refurbished

You will always receive a premium refurbished Apple-device. Our refurbished iPhones, iPads and MacBooks visually are like new or only slightly used. All our products are refurbished with 100% original parts with up to 3 years of warranty! & Triodos Foundation

We actually care about society and the planet we live at. That's why a part of our profit goes to the Triodos Foundation. That's how you with your purchase at are not only using a product that's environmentally responsible, but your supporting a good cause as well. Read more here: Mission R3BORN.

About Triodos Foundation

Since 1971 Triodos Foundation supports people with valuable and innovative initiatives that contribute to the development of a sustainable society. A society that focuses on the quality of life for people.

Customer Support

We are happy to help you make the right choice for your new refurbished iPhone. Did you already visit our comparison page? You can easily compare different models, from 5s to 7 Plus. Discover all refurbished iPhones here.

Do you have any questions or comments on our refurbished iPhones or other products? Please contact us by phone 085-3033799 of send an e-mail to We're happy to help!

Refurbished Apple Watch

Some like the looks, some like the posibilities.
Either way, Apple Watch is awesome for tracking your sport activities, control your remote devices and to receive and read all your iPhones notifications!

Pretty great device, pretty refurbished, pretty affordable.
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