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How can I return my product?

Login in on My Account to easily register your device for warranty issues or to return, in the cooling-off period.

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Please note: if a complaint for which a product has been registered is not covered by warranty, research and shipping costs may be charged.

You can also cancel an order via the model form. The above option through my account is the easiest.
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Returns outside the return procedure

When you return a product outside of our return procedure, transport costs may be charged by the courier. These extra costs cannot be recovered by

How do I pack my product to return it?

  • Make a backup (software) if necessary.
  • Restore the product to factory settings.
  • Sign out of iCloud (Apple).
  • Disable Find my iPhone (Apple).
  • Pack in product packaging if possible (not required).
  • Ship the product well packed in a sturdy box.
  • Make sure to return all supplied accessories.*

*Note! Products from different suppliers must be shipped separately. If you have received products from multiple suppliers, you will have to register them individually as a return. This way you will receive the correct return labels and the product will be returned to the correct supplier.

What are the return conditions?

You can register your return within 30 days after you have received the product. Officially you must do this within 14 days of receipt, with us this is also allowed later, as long as we receive your product within 30 days.

To get a full refund, it is important to return your product in its original condition and undamaged. So take a good look at the received product after receipt.

After 30 days we will repair your product and the above options no longer apply. Products received back within the conditions will be credited (refunded) after checking and approval.

When will I receive a refund?

As soon as we have received your product, we always try to refund the purchase amount within 15 working days. We will of course keep you informed by e-mail so that you know exactly where you stand.