Warranty & Returns

How can I send my product in for repair?

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Note: if a complaint for which a product has been registered is not covered by warranty, research and shipping costs may be charged.

You can also cancel an order via the model form. The above option via my account is the easiest.
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Returns outside the return procedure

When you return a product outside of our return procedure, transport costs may be charged by the courier. These extra costs cannot be recovered from refurbished.store.

How should I pack my product to send it in for repair?

  •   Make a backup (software) if necessary.

  •   Restore the product to factory settings.

  •   Log out of iCloud (Apple).

  •   Disable Find my iPhone (Apple).

  •   If possible, pack in product packaging (not required).

  •   Send the product well packed in a sturdy box.

What are the repair conditions?

How long does a repair take?

On average a repair takes a week.

What is the status of my repair?

You will be informed by e-mail about the status of your repair. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact our customer service.