Water damage

Are the devices from refurbished.store still water-resistant?

We cannot say with certainty whether the devices we sell at refurbished.store are still water-resistant. This means that we also cannot guarantee that the original water-resistance certification, such as IP67 or IP68, is still valid.

To ensure that your phone does not incur water damage, it is wise to avoid the following:

  • Using your phone while swimming, taking a bath, or in the sauna.
  • Exposing your phone to water that sprays hard against it or flows very quickly, such as standing under the shower or during water sports like water skiing or wakeboarding.
  • Intentionally submerging your phone completely underwater.
  • Using your phone in places where it is extremely hot or cold, or where it is very humid.
  • Attempting to open your phone or remove the screws.

Note: If your phone shows signs of contact with liquid or water damage, the warranty from refurbished.store is no longer valid. This is because moisture damage can become visible over time as it affects the inside of the phone. As a result, repairs cannot be guaranteed. This can lead to a situation where the phone is considered irreparably damaged due to water-related issues.


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