3 year warranty exclusively at Refurbished.nl

Carefree use of your refurbished product is fine with refurbished.store Exclusively at refurbished.store, you will receive no less than a 3 year warranty on a refurbished product from Renewd, until 12 August 2019. This changes to a 2 year warranty as of 12 August, just like all other refurbished brands.


What do you get with iPhones which are listed 'as new', with the Renewd quality mark?

2 year warranty on hardware

  • 2 year warranty on refurbished hardware for iPhones with an 'as new' condition, with the exception of products for which another guarantee period is given.

Free pick-up & return service

  • 2 year warranty with pick-up & return service for Renewd hardware. If you encounter a defect within 3 years of delivery, you can send the device to our repair centre and we will repair or replace the defective item.

Free technical helpdesk

  • For technical support with using your refurbished product, you can contact our technical helpdesk for 3 years. Our excellent service continues after the sale.


What falls outside the 2 year warranty?

The warranty doesn't cover wear and tear to parts of your refurbished product, such as the glass plate, battery and adapter. Additionally, any damage caused by moisture, bumps or drops or any other form of self-inflicted damage is excluded from the warranty.There is a 6-month warranty on any accessories such as the SIM tool, cable and charger.

Defects caused by repairs carried out by third parties without our consent are also excluded from the warranty. Costs for reinstalling software and sending devices for repair are not covered by the warranty.

If the battery stops working properly within 12 months, it will be replaced free of charge.

Some products fall under the exceptions as they cannot be returned, such as screen protectors, which have already been added to the device.