About Us

What is Refurbished.store about?

Refurbished.store builds a bridge between recycling specialists, refurbishment and consumers. We deliver various refurbished products such as iPhones, iPads and laptops.

We only supply the best refurbished products with quality assurance. Our products have been carefully selected, refurbished and are offered again ready for reuse.

Our mission

We have the mission to make a difference with you in our society in the form of a strong green and sustainable footprint. Contribute to the realization of a circular society. We think that change occurs when merging three equally important points. A good initiative. Organization with the right people. You, because you do not just change.

You have the choice to believe what you think is right, so you have influence on change. Without you, a good initiative does not achieve anything. That's why we think it's great that you are on our website and may be using a refurbished product or already using it!

Triodos Foundation

Part of the proceeds is donated by Refurbished.nl to Stichting Triodos Foundation. Triodos Foundation has been a distributor of donations under green and sustainable initiatives since 1971. With your purchase at Refurbished.nl you help to change our society. In collaboration with the Triodos Foundation, we work together every year on sustainable projects to make our society a bit nicer.

If you have any questions about our company, please contact us at the following contact details.

Refurbished.nl BV
Huis ter Heideweg 28
3705 LZ Zeist
The Netherlands

Phone: +31853033799
E-mail: support@refurbished.store