Renewd guarantee and 2ND

Do you have a defective 2ND or Renewd smartphone or tablet and you'd like to have it repaired in or out of the warranty period? Follow the steps below to register the product. Make sure that you remove any screen protectors from the device before sending. Cases, sleeves and other accessories should not be sent.

Register repairs online in 10 steps
Do you have a defective 2ND or Renewd smartphone or tablet and you'd like to have it repaired in or out of the warranty period?

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the serial number or IMEI number from your smartphone or tablet under ‘Register repair’.
  3. Under ‘Delivery / Pick-up address’ enter the address from where the device will be collected. Note: the collection and delivery addresses must be the same.
  4. Under ‘invoice address’ enter your own name and address details. Note: you will only receive an invoice for investigation costs if your smartphone or tablet is out of the warranty period. Read 'Investigation costs outside warranty period' for more information.
  5. Under ‘invoice contact’ enter your surname, first name, mobile phone number and email address. Under ‘Referentie / Your reference’ always enter your order number. Your order number can be found on your invoice and in the order confirmation email.
  6. Check that you have entered all details correctly and then click on 'Correct and continue'.
  7. Under ‘Description’ explain the problem with the device.
  8. Under ‘Your Pick-up date and time’ enter the day that you'd like the device to be collected at the address you've already entered.
  9. If you agree with the 'General Terms & Conditions', tick the box.
  10. Finally, click on 'Register my repair'. Always make a note of the repair number. This is a unique number that is allocated to the repairs on your device.

Postage & packing fees

  • After registering your smartphone or tablet online, you will receive an automatically generated email via the address you entered, containing a shipping label. Click on the link in the email to go straight to the shipping label.
  • Print the shipping label and pack your device carefully in a cardboard box.
  • The UPS courier will drop by to collect the parcel.

Status information within warranty period

You will receive an email message to confirm that the device has been received at the repair centre. You will then receive email status updates and another email once the repairs have been completed. On average, a repair takes about 10 working days. We will try to repair your device as quickly as possible.

Excluded from the warranty

  • moisture damage
  • fall damage
  • damage from knocks and bumps
  • cost of sending for repairs
  • costs of reinstalling new software
  • any other form of self-inflicted damage

Outside the warranty
If your device unexpectedly falls outside the warranty because the warranty period has passed or the damage is not covered by the warranty, our repair centre will provide a quote for the repairs.

Investigations outside of warranty
Some of the repair costs relate to investigation. These investigation costs will only be charged if the repairs are not covered by the warranty and, at your request, the device is not repaired by the repair centre. If the device cannot be repaired, you will receive a quote from the repair centre for a replacement device. The investigation cost for smartphones and tablets is usually €48, including VAT, excluding postage costs. Postage costs are €9.68, including VAT.