Refurbished iPhone SE 64GB Black (2020)

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Refurbished iPhone SE 64GB Black (2020)
Refurbished iPhone SE 64GB Black (2020)
Refurbished iPhone SE 64GB Black (2020)
Refurbished iPhone SE 64GB Black (2020)
Refurbished iPhone SE 64GB Black (2020)
Refurbished iPhone SE 64GB Black (2020)
Refurbished iPhone SE 64GB Black (2020)
Refurbished iPhone SE 64GB Black (2020)
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Refurbished iPhone SE 64GB Black (2020)
Refurbished iPhone SE 64GB Black (2020)
Refurbished iPhone SE 64GB Black (2020)
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Description Refurbished iPhone SE 64GB Black (2020)

The iPhone SE 2020 64GB is suitable for customers who don't want to stand out too much but still want to use this advanced system. With Apple's premium black color, the phone looks very professional. Thanks to the Touch ID feature, they can securely store their documents. On this iPhone, they can store a lot of photos and videos, but if they also want to store many apps, they are better off with more storage space. It's a great phone for the average user who wants a fast device with a good camera.

Exactly what you're looking for, because…
You're ready for something new but don't have the budget for an iPhone 11. You can get an iPhone SE 2020 starting from 450€. This is relatively low compared to Apple's prices.
You want the same performance as the iPhone 11 but at a lower cost. The iPhone SE 2020 includes the same powerful A-13 processor as the iPhone 11. This ensures that all your apps start quickly and you can easily run games and multitask.
You prefer compact and simple. The iPhone SE 2020 has a 4.7-inch screen, making it the most compact iPhone from Apple.

Maybe another variant is better? Then…
They prefer a larger iPhone; the iPhone SE 2020 is based on the iPhone 8, so it has wide screen edges and only a 4.7-inch screen.
They constantly take photos they want to keep. Is the 64GB version full of beautiful photos and videos? Then we recommend an iPhone with more storage.

Our advice
The iPhone SE 2020 is advantageous; it has the same processor as the iPhone 11 and an improved camera with additional software updates and support. The A-13 processor ensures that the apps you use run smoothly and that you can effortlessly run multiple apps at the same time. The iPhone SE 2020 is the ideal iPhone if you're ready for something new but don't have the budget for an expensive iPhone.

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What does 'refurbished' mean exactly?
High-quality products deserve a second chance. Through inspection, cleaning, and, if necessary, repair, we ensure that these products last longer. This way, we contribute to the environmentally friendly sustainability of mobile phones. To guarantee the best possible quality, we offer a standard warranty of two years on each product! Let's take the first step toward a green future together. Let's take the next step together.


Storage 64GB
Display 4.7 inch
Color Black
Condition Refurbished
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Operating System iOS 14
Model iPhone SE 2020
Height 7.3mm
Width 67mm
Length 138mm
Weight 148g
Simlock free Yes, worldwide
Processor Apple A13 Bionic
Front camera 7MP
Back camera 12MP with Quad LED flashes
TouchID Yes
3D Touch No
Battery Refurbished
SIM-slot Nano-SIM
Bluetooth 5


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