Quality mark Refurbished by Techniek Nederland

15 March, 2019 09:19

The Refurbished quality mark has been launched by Techniek Nederland. This quality mark should encourage the Netherlands to get closer to the sustainable goals of 2030 and to regulate the refurbished market with it. This makes quality and certainty a constant factor for consumers. A good step towards a professional refurbished market and a sustainable society is getting closer.

As refurbished.store, we, as one of the market leaders in the refurbished market, have previously set higher standards for the brands that we offer. A number of comments can be made about the refurbished quality mark from Techniek Nederland.

The turnover requirement of at least 2 million that we, as an independent provider, amply meet is something that is not realistic or feasible for smaller parties that also contribute to a more sustainable society, while meeting the other requirements. 2 of the originally 5 parties involved in the negotiations on the refurbished quality mark have meanwhile gone bankrupt and have made a restart, 1 of the 5 parties has withdrawn for the time being.

In addition, some of the parties involved have no refurbishment as a core business, as they outsource this to third parties. This is set as a requirement for the quality mark and can therefore be described as remarkable.

All in all, you can say that the Refurbished quality mark is a good step forward for regulating the refurbished market and making our society more sustainable in this way.

In its current form, in our opinion, the Refurbished Quality Mark is not yet fully-fledged and it still primarily represents the interests of the initial bearers of the quality mark. We are curious as to how the quality mark will work out further and how we are looking to get the entire market, with all providers, involved in regulating and optimizing the quality of products and certainty for consumers in the refurbished market.

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