Update of iOS and macOS!

6 December, 2018 14:45

At this moment a small update of iOS and macOS can be downloaded. This includes macOS Mojave 10.14.2 and iOS 12.1.1. This update makes your iPhone, iPad or MacBook a bit better than it already was.

macOS 10.14.2
With macOS the following things have been updated and improved:

  • Adds RTT (real-time text) to calling for WiFi. This function is useful if you are calling your energy supplier and, for example, in menu 2 have to choose questions about your bill.
  • In addition, this update resolves an issue with iTunes and media playback on AirPlay speakers.

iOS 12.1.1
With iOS, there are some new features to see in the update.

  • Improvements have been made to FaceTime: You can now take live photos again during a FaceTime conversation. And it is again possible to easily switch cameras (front and back camera) during a conversation. (this is greatly appreciated)
  • Update especially for the iPhone XR

With the iPhone XR more can now be done with Haptic Touch. The iPhone XR has not incorporated any Force Touch in the screen and another solution has been made for this. Smart software is now simulating Force Touch and you can also open your camera from the lock screen with the iPhone XR, for example. People with an iPhone XR will be happy with this.

Download update:
You can download the update for your refurbished iPhone by going to settings and then "General" and then choosing Software update. The iPhone will then connect to Apple and check if the update is available and download it. If you want your iPhone to do all this for you and you never have to think about updates, turn on Automatic Updates at the bottom of the software update screen on your iPhone. If you want to download the update for your refurbished MacBook , you can now also do so under System Preferences. In the past your mac could be updated in the AppStore, but that has been adjusted so that iOS and macOS become more similar.

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