Our mission

A business often centres on commercial aims and interests. We have thought carefully about our mission. Here, it's the other way around. Our founders felt that the time was ripe for change. How should we deal with the environment, how can we ensure that we create a society in which everyone can be happy and how can we keep the earth healthy?

You quickly realise that a circular society is a great solution. A society in which we monitor the use of resources for as long as possible. We use these resources to make items, and then use these items for recycling once their useful life comes to an end. If we have to live differently in order to maintain the planet's health, you could consider this to be a rebirth. That's how the mission R3BORN came about.



But the knowledge of what we should do to create a healthy society and a healthy planet isn't all you need. To realise and support this circular society, you also have to do something. So we created refurbished.store.

In an economic system it is important to be financially healthy if you wish to be a healthy organisation. Commerce and sustainability (as in refurbished) are not always happy bedfellows so how can we create a financially healthy organisation without compromising on our mission?

Our first step was to create refurbished.store. A webshop for refurbished products. Products that can be reused. One step close to a circular economy. We realise that refurbished.store is just a start but where there's a will, there's a way.

Alongside a financial activity which centres on reuse, we also want to take more substantial steps. So we decided to give some of the profit from refurbished.store to achieving our mission. Why not make an active contribution? Actively collaborate with an organisation that stands for sustainability and a better life for all people.


What do we do?

You may be wondering what types of projects these are? Well, it could be planting new trees, protecting woodland, developing people and positive areas for nature.

Part of the challenge will be to collect more money. This could involve collaborations with other companies or well-known Dutch people who wish to make a financial or other type of contribution towards realising a circular economy.

What we don't do is just hand money over to third-world countries. Even though we support all people, we believe that sending money to underprivileged regions of the world is not the best way to help. These are long-term solutions.

We believe that living conditions worldwide develop on the basis of the global society that we have created. A circular society creates solutions for a pleasant life for all people. Our food needs are a good example. In a circular society, the resources are indexed to the number of mouths and the process can be automated. Everyone eats what they need.

We want to focus on contributing towards realising a circular society. We concentrate on sustainable energy provision, self-supporting homes, electric and autonomous transport, from ownership to use, new dietary methods and much more.


Do you want to help?

Would you like to help as a volunteer? Would you like to donate? Are you a business and see collaboration opportunities? Do you have good ideas? Then let us know!

Send an email to ready@r3born.com or go to R3BORN.com and click on the green 'ready' button to complete the form.

Another way to help is to simply buy and use one of our refurbished products.