Our mission

Often a company arises first from commercial desire and interests. After this, a company mission is formulated. With us it is exactly the other way around. Our founders felt it was time for a change. How do we as a society deal with the environment, how do we ensure a society where everyone can live with peace of mind and how do we keep planet earth healthy?

Soon you discover that a circular society is a good solution. A society where we gain insight into extended resources. With these resources we create, these creations we use to recycle them after their life cycle. If we have to start living in a new way to keep the planet that we live on healthy, you can speak of a rebirth. This is how the missionR3BORN is originated.



The realisation of what we can do to create a healthy society and thus a healthy planet is just the first step in a long process. To contribute to the creation of a circular society you also have to exactly do something. This is the reason why we founded Refurbished.store.

In order to have a healthy organisation in our current economic system it's important to be healthy in a financial manner. Commerce and sustainability (such as refurbished) do not often go hand in hand together, therefore the question is, how can we still create a financially healthy organisation with sacrificing our mission?

Refurbished.nl was our first move forward in creating a circular society. A webshop for refurbished products. Products that can be re-used. One step closer towards a circular society. We are well aware, that this is just the beginning, however we are determined and when you put your mind into it and with the right motivation we are convinced that we can make a difference.

Besides to be a financially healthy organisation which is characterised by reuse, we also see the bigger picture. We simply thought we can donate part of our revenue from Refurbished.store to achieve our mission. Why not actively contribute? Actively collaborate with an organisation that stands for sustainability and a better life for all people.


Triodos Foundation

Contribute actively, from this idea our cooperation with the Triodos Foundation has arisen. A foundation that has collected money since 1971 to devide it over multiple sustainable projects. We want more than just donate money. We want to cooperate, initiate and we want you to think a long and work together. Together you are stronger dan one.

We've created a situation where you as a consumer can buy a refurbished product, which you can re-use and on top of it a part of your purchase amount is used for the realisation of beautiful sustainable project in cooperation with the Triodos Foundation. This is how we can all work together on a circular society, mission R3BORN.


What do we do?

You might wonder in what kind of projects we invest? For instance, planting new trees, forest protection, personal development of people and everything that is positive for our nature.

Part of the challenge will be to collect more money. Think about cooperations with other companies, famous people who want to commit financially or in another manner to a circular society.

It's not our goal to transfer money to Third World countries. Although our hearts go out to all people, we believe that sending money to areas in the world where there are fewer opportunities is not the best way to help. Because this is not a long term solution.

We believe that our living conditions that we experience worldwide, come from the world society that we ourselves have created. Een circulaire samenleving creëert de oplossing voor een prettig leven voor alle mensen. Denk simpelweg aan onze basisbehoefte, voeding. In een circulaire samenleving zijn de resources geindexeerd, de hoeveelheid monden en kan het proces geautomatiseerd worden. Ieder z'n buikje vol dus.

Wij willen ons dus vooral focussen op het bijdragen van de realisatie van een circulaire samenleving. Zo zullen groene duurzame stroomvoorzieningen ons blijven interesseren, zelfvoorzienende huizen, elektrisch en autonoom transport, van bezit naar gebruik, nieuwe manieren van voeding en meer.


Do you want to contribute?

Wil je als vrijwilliger meewerken? Wil je doneren? Ben je een bedrijf en zie je samenwerkingsmogelijkheden? Heb je goede ideeën? Laat het ons alsjeblieft weten!

Stuur een e-mail naar ready@r3born.com of ga naar R3BORN.com en druk op de groene 'ready' knop om het formulier in te vullen.

Een andere manier om mee te helpen is simpelweg door een van onze refurbished producten aan te schaffen en te gebruiken.