Price information

For each product, you see a new price which is crossed out and then the price on The new price was the original recommended price upon introduction by the manufacturer. The price is the much better, offer price that you will pay.

VAT product or Margin product
All our products, unless stated otherwise, include VAT at 21%. When you order, you will receive an invoice with a separate VAT amount, whether you are a private customer or a business.

Refurbished products can be offered under the so-called European margin regulation. This applies to second-hand products which were originally purchased from a private individual, without VAT, because a private individual cannot apply VAT.

Because we work with a range of companies which specialise in buying and refurbishing, we largely trade in VAT products, however we sometimes offer margin products too. The price of margin products is lower, making them more interesting. You will recognise a margin product due to the separate message on the product page.

Private copying tax
All the prices indicated on include the private copying tax, if applicable. pays this tax for its customers.The private copying tax compensates creators and artists for copies that consumers make of their work. The tax is mandatory and applies to devices with storage, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.