Renewd Premium Refurbished

Renewd revises iPhones to the highest standards so that they are as good as new. This means that a Renewd iPhone uses 100% original Apple parts and has been checked on 83 points. With a Renewd iPhone, you have all the convenience of a new iPhone but for a much better price.

Renewd is a Dutch refurbished brand which offers the very best quality refurbished products on the market. Renewd is active across Europe with its Renewd quality mark.  Refurbished Apple products from Renewd are supplied in sustainable packaging.

Quality controlled by Apple Service Provider

Refurbished iPhones from Renewd are effectively the very best quality in the refurbished market. This is simply due to the fact that stringent checks are made on the product, only original Apple parts are used and because the controls are carried out by an Apple Premium Service Provider.

Original Apple parts.

Renewd only uses 100% original Apple parts for its products. This automatically means that the refurbished iPhones and iPads from Renewd are of the highest quality. The original parts that Renewd uses are installed by an Apple Service Provider; this means that there is an excellent guarantee process which allows you to have the item picked up and returned and repaired or replaced if there is a problem.

Visual condition

At we value clarity. On our website, you will find refurbished products with various quality marks which provide a guarantee of top condition. You don't need to worry; we are the specialist. A refurbished iPhone or iPad from Renewd is always the very best technical quality, looks fantastic and that is why we give it our 5-star valuation.