Warranty conditions

On refurbished.store, you can buy a smartphone, tablet or laptop in confidence, knowing that you have a 3-year warranty with carry-in or collection/drop-off service.

Hardware warranty
Your refurbished product comes with a warranty with a collection/drop-off service on the hardware, except for parts that are sensitive to wear and tear. The warranty period is given for each product. There is a 6-month warranty on any accessories such as the SIM tool, cable and charger. Any damage caused by moisture, bumps or drops or any other form of self-inflicted damage is excluded from the warranty. Defects caused by repairs carried out by third parties without our consent are also excluded from the warranty. Costs for reinstalling software and sending devices for repair are not covered by the warranty. If the battery stops working properly within 24 months, it will be replaced free of charge if it falls within the warranty.

Damage from liquids
Some iPhones have extra safeguards and are water-resistant. This does not mean, however, that they are waterproof. With the standards applied by Apple, you could submerge your device for up to a metre without causing immediate damage. These standards, however, are tested in a laboratory setting and not in the real world. We recommend that you do not swim with your iPhone. Just like Apple, refurbished.store provides no warranty for any form of water damage.

Procedure for defects
If you encounter a defect within the warranty period, you can send the device (free of charge) to our repair centre and we will repair or replace the defective item. Click here to continue to the registration process.

Some products fall under these exceptions. You can understand that some products cannot be sent back.

  • Screen protectors, which have been placed on the device.
  • Any cables and chargers that were supplied.