What is refurbished?

Refurbished means completely overhauled. In the IT and computer world, it is a well-known term that has been used for some time to refer to products which, after use, are checked and repaired, where necessary, and then offered for resale. Nowadays, people are using a lot more electronic equipment such as smartphone, tablets and laptops. There are also online stores alongside regular, physical stores. Both have to deal with returns and leftover stock. As a result, there are now a range of companies which specialise in reverse-logistics, i.e. collecting goods that can be sold again (as new).

Our job is to make you happy with a Refurbished purchase.

On Refurbished.store you can compare all the biggest Refurbished suppliers to make the best choice. This way you don't have to go to different sites to find the best purchase, we already did that for you. We check if the suppliers meet the highest quality standards. At Refurbished.store you can pay up to 70% less for your Refurbished Apple device, for the same quality!

A suitable iPhone for every budget

There is a Refurbished iPhone for every need. Do you want to use the latest technologies such as Face ID and dual cameras then you can go for an iPhone X or higher. If you want to save more on your Apple product, then you can do everyday things like updating social media very well on an iPhone 8 variant or lower.

Capture creativity with a single touch

The Refurbished iPad is a perfect extension of your iPhone. Just a bit bigger to sketch out your explanation on your iPad, but easily within reach like your phone. A moment for yourself? Grab your favourite book with the Book-app. E-reader, scanner, camera and world map on 1 device. That is a Refurbished iPad.

The corona crisis has shown how important it is to be able to work anywhere. The quality of the Apple system ensures that you can spend a whole working day outside the office. Working on that one project at home or at the office is also possible with a MacBook when you connect it to a monitor. No more large computer cabinets. Flexible, but still productive!

Where do these refurbished products come from?

Worldwide, every year, many millions of different smartphones, tablets and laptops, such as iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, are manufactured and bought by various users, such as consumers and businesses. We and our partners specialise in buying up and/or refurbishing (revising) second-hand goods, leftover stock, returns and business write-offs from businesses and consumers. These products are then checked for defects, appearance and quality, according to our high quality standards, by us and/or our partners.