What is refurbished?

Refurbished is terminology that is also used in the IT and Electronic world to refer at refurbished iPhones and refurbished tablets as an iPad in a different manner than a new or secondhand product. Refurbished Refurbished indicates revised.  

Where are these products coming from?
On a yearly bases a lot of different smartphones, tablets and laptops are produced worldwide and are bought by all kind of different users, such as consumers and businesses. We and our global partners are specialized in buying second-hand goods, residual stock, returning goods and goods and business-related depreciations from companies and consumers. Including goods from stores and wholesalers. Subsequently these products are checked by our partners for quality, defects and the visual condition, naturally within our high quality standards.

In addition a lot of our devices are accommodated with a new battery, depending on the grade a new touchscreen and if necessary other new parts to ensure that our devices are 100% functional and in mint condition. We prefer to solely use 100% functional iPhones in our refurbished proces above iPhones that need to be repaired to ensure the highest quality possible.

Original Apple parts cannot be ordered separately at Apple. Therefore not all Refurbished iPhones are equipped with new parts such as a new housing due to the simple fact that it’s very difficult to obtain original parts unless it’s taken from another iPhone. However that is scarce due to the fact that only Apple Service Providers can order official original parts for the purpose of warranty and not resale. Refurbished.store is currently offering 2 brands with solely original Apple parts, namely 2ND and Renewd. Both brands have an extensive quality and control, executed by Apple certified experts.

Despite the lack of original parts some parties are claiming to offer fully revised iPhones as in technical specs as well as the visual state. These parties are using imitation parts which can cause problems by the use of services and Apple warranty. Not to mention the overall quality of the product. Therefore it’s important that people are aware of the product that they are buying.

Besides our technical examination all data from the previous user will be erased and the devices will be equipped with the latest available software.

Other brands
In contrast to Apple, parts from almost every other brands are more easily to obtain. Therefore it’s possible to repair used products within our high quality standard. Moreover it remains our preference to solely use 100% functional devices.

Our products are delivered in a neutral or packaging of the refurbished brand. Delivery in original Apple packaging is not possible due to the simple fact that manufactures do not sell these as a separate product. In addition it’s a punishable fact to use these certain fake packaging. However, some parties still use these imitation packaging. As a consumer you have to be extra aware.