Apple is releasing iOS 11.3 update

18 April, 2018 13:29

iOS 11.3 is not just an update to fix bugs, but there is actually new functionality. If you go to Settings> General> Software update on your iPhone you can install the update. settings and then to general and afterwards The most important new functions are listed below.

  • Battery condition function
    Under Settings> Battery on your iPhone you can now see the capacity of your battery and possibly set how your iPhone should handle the battery in order to save or perform better. The latter is only possible with iPhones older than the iPhone 8 and no older than the iPhone 6.
  • New Animojis for iPhone X
    The fun, crazy, but above all mobile Animojis from Apple on the iPhone X are now accompanied by 4 new friends, a dragon, a skull, a brown bear and a lion.
  • AML 'Advanced Mobile Location'
    If you call 112, your location is automatically sent to the control room. Your iPhone is ready, the control room at the end of this year (2018).
  • Augmented Reality update
    Thanks to an update of ARKit (1.5), your iPhone can now also recognize 2D objects (such as walls). An update that you will hardly notice in the short term, but for developers one step closer to a complete AR experience for users.
  • Privacy
    You no longer have to worry about phishing attacks where your password is stolen, because Apple has a new feature where an icon with two blue figures appears, so you know it's legitimate.

    Apple has also adapted iOS to comply with European regulations. Soon you will therefore be able to completely remove your Apple ID online and / or download the data.

In the next update of iOS 11, specifically named as iOS 11.4, you can expect AirPlay 2 and iMessage may come in iCloud, so that you will always retain all your messages. In addition, software stability is being worked on. iOS 11.4 is expected in late May and early June.

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