Refurbished iPhone grades and conditions

10 April, 2018 13:33

The Netherlands is now quite familiar with the term refurbished. Simply a second-hand product or residual stock, which is visually and technically checked, if necessary repaired, cleaned and repackaged ready for reuse.

All refurbished products are technically in full condition, regardless of the external condition of the product. A distinction can be made between the various external conditions. We divide these conditions as follows.

  • C-grade - 3 stars.
    A device of this condition has clearly had a previous life, contains several noticeable scratches, both on the housing and on the screen.

  • B-grade - 4 stars.
    A refurbished device with 4 stars is also recognizable from the outside as a used device, but then in a still acceptable condition with minimal cosmetic deviations from new.

  • A-grade - 5 stars.
    For example, a refurbished iPhone that can hardly be distinguished from new. An A-grade can have some hardly noticeable deviations and therefore it usually looks like new. A better refurbished condition does not exist.

So whether you opt for a refurbished iPhone with 3 or 5 stars, both are 100% technical and only differ in appearance. Simply, the more stars, the more beautiful.

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