Refurbished Macbook with its own logo

7 February, 2019 08:24

As a refurbished expert, we are of course completely convinced of refurbished products, we see all the benefits and naturally also use them to the full. At everyone works with a refurbished MacBook Pro . To make our MacBooks even more personal, we had our new logo incorporated into the housing.

The specialist

Uncover The company behind personalizing your Macbook is the Dutch Uncover. They specialize in personalizing your beautiful MacBook and have done so for various major DJs, CEOs, even our own King Willem Alexander and now also for!

The end result

After a short design round, the logo was made ready to replace the Apple logo as an inlay. After this our logo was cut out with a special laser. After 2 days of waiting we were able to pick up our MacBooks and the end result is even better than we expected!

Refurbished MacBook Pro Uncover Logo on the table

Refurbished MacBook Pro Uncover Logo on desk

Personalize your MacBook

DJ Horizon with Uncover MacBook Do you also find the end result so beautiful and do you want your own logo or design in your refurbished MacBook? That is possible! For all information and contact you can surf to . Receive a 10% discount immediately with the code Refurbished19 .

If you have always wondered how the logo of your MacBook glows, but you do not yet know how this happens? It is actually very simple. Behind the screen of your MacBook is a large light plate and this same light shines through the transparent logo! It's that simple. We will continue to enjoy our even better refurbished MacBooks. Thank you Uncover!

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