Rumors around iOS 13

1 February, 2019 10:00

Around June 2019 we can say with certainty what the new features in iOS 13 will be. But the rumor mill is running full again around the new features and changes in Apple's iOS operating system.


Rumor has it that iOS will get a completely new home screen (homescreen) whereby the traditional icons will disappear and the already known homescreen will be dealt with. Part of the rumor is that this was already the intention in iOS 12, but that Cupertino chose to give stability within the iOS operating system priority over innovations.

iPad maker more interesting

It is also expected that some adjustments will be made to further make the iPad more interesting as a replacement for the traditional computer. Apple has advertised heavily in recent quarters and it would therefore make sense for the iPad to become more productive and flexible to use as replacements for a desktop or laptop.

Dark Mode

In all likelihood, iOS will not only get macOS but also a full Dark Mode and this will make many iOS users very happy. It is not only interesting in the use in the evening but also in combination with OLED screens. In combination with the OLED technology, certain pixels can be switched off, which will result in less energy consumption for the display and therefore your iPhone X or iPhone Xs can last longer.


All this will become clear in June 2019 during the Apple WWDC (world wide developers conference). If you are interested in the developments of the past year, you can view all the news again on the Apple developer site .

We will keep you informed of all developments and the possibilities for all Apple refurbished products.

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