Refurbished Quality Mark

At, we have a wide range of refurbished products from Apple. You can come to use for a refurbished iPhone, but we also have iPads and Macbooks in our range. As well as Apple, we also have various Galaxy smartphones from Samsung in the range. This also concerns refurbished versions. Refurbished products are items which, after use, have been checked and repaired (if necessary) and offered for resale. We have products from various refurbished quality marks, in various grades and conditions, but always of the very highest standards.

What are refurbished quality marks?

Refurbished products are second-hand products, products that have been returned, or leftover stock that has been sold off. These products are then overhauled. There are now various refurbishment specialists that have started their own brands, which serve as a type of quality mark. The specific quality mark represents a specific type of quality check and warranty conditions.

Uneto-VNI Techniek Nederland

At we quickly realized that there was the need for a refurbished quality mark. For this reason, our range contains the very best refurbished brands, categorized into a clear condition system. This system ranks the quality of the products on the basis of 3, 4 or 5 stars, with a 5-star product being the best. As well as the brand itself, there is also the government organization, Uneto-VNI, which set up a standard for the refurbished market and launched a quality mark.

Advantage of quality marks at

As a refurbished specialist, we aim to create the best possible range. Sometimes the consumer can end up really confused because refurbished products are available in various grades and conditions, and each provider says that they have the best products. We have simplified this process and a refurbished quality mark offers the following benefits:

  • At, you can find various electrical devices with a range of quality marks.

  • The quality marks are specialised in buying used electricals.

  • We and our partners specialise in refurbishment.

  • All refurbished products are technically checked and are 100% functional.

  • The refurbished brands are checked by us so that you don't have to.

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